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Our History

Our History

Banco Macro starts operating as a non-banking financial institution in 1985, through the purchase of Macro Financiera. In 1988, it was granted the authorization to operate as a Retail Bank by the Central Bank of Argentina. From then onwards and up to 1995, Banco Macro operated as a wholesale bank, being a pioneer in corporate bonds issue. It mainly acts in the areas of money market, trading of government and corporate bonds and financial services for medium and big companies.

As of 1994, Banco Macro substantial changes its business strategy, focusing on the retail banking in market areas with low level of banking transactions and high growth potential. Following this course, since January 1996, during the privatization process of several provincial banks, Banco Macro starts acquiring the capital stock of the following provincial banks: Banco Misiones (93%), Banco Salta (98%) and Banco Jujuy (100%).

In December 2001, with a strong position in the northern area of the country already achieved, Banco Macro decides to extend Argentine presence through the purchase of 59.58% of the capital stock of Banco Bansud S.A.; this entity was the leader private bank in the southern territory of Argentina, with significant background in its area of influence and a large branch network.

In August 2002, Banco Macro acquired 36 branches of Scotiabank Quilmes. The following year, 2003, Banco Macro and Banco Bansud shareholders decide to merge both financial institutions with the strategic objective of creating an institution with presence in the whole territory of Argentina.

In December 2004, maintaining its objective of constant growth and expansion, Banco Macro acquired Nuevo Banco Suquía S.A., becoming the largest private sector branch network in Argentina with the highest coverage in the interior of the country.

During 2005, continuing with its growing and expansion strategy, Banco Macro acquiered Banco Empresario de Tucumán C.L. and Banco del Tucumán, maintaining Banco del Tucumán as financial agent for the province.

By the end of March 2006, Banco Macro´s shares were publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), being the first Argentine company to be listed abroad since 1997. Banco Macro´s shares debut, had a rising price.

In May 2006, Banco Macro acquired Nuevo Banco Bisel S.A., incorporating a bank with a strong presence in the central area of the country, allowing us to reinforce our commitment with the Argentine economy.

In October 2007, the merger with Nuevo Banco Bisel S.A. was done and two years later, in August 2009, the merger with Nuevo Banco Biesel S.A. was completed.

In September 2010, with the intention of reinforcing the strategy in Buenos Aires area, Banco Macro acquired Banco Privado de Inversiones S.A. from which 95% of the customer portfolio was distributed in the City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires. This was a fundamental step to consolidate the bank´s nationwide position, provide better quality of service and offer more and better products to our customers.

Banco Macro highlights the following values: team work, dynamism, synergy, fidelity and versatility, in rendering excellent customer service and in contributing the best of each of the members of this big family, in order to continue growing as an institution while maintaining, at the same time, its commitment to work for a better country.

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