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Cultural Undertakings Support Program

Cultural Undertakings Support Program

Over 600 entrepreneurs submitted their culture-related projects for Banco Macro’s competition

Buenos Aires, January 15th, 2013. Banco Macro and the National Secretary of Culture hereby announce that the results of the Cultural Undertakings Support Program (PAEC), in which over 600 entrepreneurs from all over the country took part, will be available in the course of March.

This program is aimed at encouraging the creation and growth of local cultural companies by means of financial aid, technical assistance and training to be provided to cultural companies or entrepreneurs based in any of the six cultural regions of the country previously set forth by the Secretary of Culture (the north-west, the north-east, the central region, Cuyo, Patagonia and Buenos Aires).

Buenos Aires was the region with the largest number of registered entries, representing 46% of the projects, followed by the central region (20%), the north-east (11%), Cuyo (9%), the north-west (8%), and Patagonia (6%). The majority of the projects submitted (27%) belonged to the audiovisual arts sector, followed by publishing and staging arts projects (19%), design projects (16%), music projects (14%) and the videogames sector (2%).

The panel of judges appointed for this program will draw up a list of projects selected to be provided with the financial aid on the basis of the aims and scope of the activity planned within the framework of the country’s and its region’s cultural policy, its social and cultural impact, and the consistency and feasibility of the project.

A total of AR$400,000 will be awarded in prizes worth up to AR$35,000, of which 60% will be equally distributed among the regions and 40% will be allocated to the whole country. This guarantees both regional representation and cultural and economic content diversity.

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