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Banco Macro and Fundación River Plate launched the program “Training for Life” together with Ariel Ortega

Banco Macro and Fundación River Plate launched the program "Training for Life" together with Ariel Ortega

Jujuy, October 15, 2014. Banco Macro sponsors, for the first time, the program "Training for Life" ("Entrenándome para la vida"), conducted by Fundación River Plate together with the football Jujy star Ariel (Burrito) Ortega. Several solidarity activities were conducted in the frame of this program on Thursday October 9th at the hospital Dr. Oscar Orías and school N° 112 Cnel. Manuel Dorrego, both institutions located in the district of Libertador General San Martín, in the Province of Jujuy.

The former River Plate football star "Burrito" Ortega visited Libertador General San Martín, his city of birth, and participated in several activities in the frame of the program "Training for Life", conducted by Fundación River Plate with the support of Banco Macro and Ledesma.

Together with the members of Fundación River Plate, Ariel Ortega visited his school, Escuela Manuel Dorrego. There he talked to more than 400 children about the importance of having dreams, striving to achieve them and persevering in the face of difficulties that may lay ahead in the road to achieve them. Then, "Burrito" had many pictures taken with him and the students and teachers of the school. At the end of the activities, the Vice-President of the Fundación River Plate, Ignacio Palma, gave several gifts to the school including, one air conditioning equipment, three computers, one printer and two microphones.

Fundación River Plate and Ariel Ortega also paid a visit to the hospital "Dr. Oscar Orías" and gave several gifts including two computers, three air conditioning equipments, medicines, nebulizers and other elements.

At Banco Macro we strive for the development of present and future generations throughout Argentina, reaching out to communities where others do not reach. This is why we are your Bank, always close to you.

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